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IV&V Services

The primary focus of the Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) Contractor is to work with the client to ensure that the products developed and processes employed by a Project meet specified requirements, employs best practices, adheres to industry and state standards, and is being managed and controlled according to the approved and baselined project plans.

In addition, IV&V will facilitate early detection and correction of errors, enhance management insight into risks, provide finding and recommendations and ensure compliance with project scope, schedule, and budget requirements.

Essentially the IV&V vendor provides a status on the health of the project on a periodic basis.

The success of IV&V engagements for a project is increased by the IV&V team’s ability to successfully manage the IV&V engagement. To that end, we incorporate into our own projects the same principles of project management that we expect to find on the projects for which we perform IV&V services. This includes, coordinating the work of a multi-disciplinary team, collaborating with the prime contractor, sub-contractors, functional or business clients and Information Technology Services.

The principles that guide the IV&V team are:

  • To maintain independence and integrity
  • Have a “No Surprise” policy, where issues are discussed prior to appearing officially in the IV&V report
  • To work with the vendor teams, business owners and Information technology staff
  • To work in making the project successful
  • To give advice/recommendation, not direction
  • To be cognizant of staff time, and engage them only when required
  • That all our risks, and recommendations are supported by findings

We successfully provide IV&V services by leveraging best practices and our experience on projects which span multiple states, government entities, commercial clients, vendors and multi-million dollar projects from coast to coast. Our team member’s IV&V experience has been utilized on projects involving up to 30,000 end users, up to 50 vendors and multiple projects for large and complex state government entities.

The TVT team consists of certified professionals that specialize in IV&V, and our services involve all types of technologies and COTS solutions. Our IV&V services differ from our traditional quality assurance services in that IV&V personnel operate independently of the project team. We provide IV&V services to public and private sectors, and Quality Management, Control, Risk Identification, and Risk Management are all part of this service offering.

Expertise and areas include:

  • Reviewing for all aspects of a project
  • IT Assessment
  • Due Diligence Reporting
  • IT Process and Procedures Audit
  • Project Management
  • Systems Analysis and Design

So why engage TVT as your IV&V vendor? We provide the objective viewpoint and expertise of an independent party - and that makes all the difference in ensuring a successful project outcome.