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Contract Vehicles constitute a hand-in-hand partnership between government agencies and Tech Valley Talent that make it easier and faster to move tech personnel into position and doing their jobs. These contracts are hard-won and a mark of both acknowledgement and excellence. We are proud of this accomplishment.

Contract Vehicles

Contract vehicles are the standard mechanism through which the government (state or federal) procures products and services. Government prefers buying services and products from recognized vendors, which ensures transparency and economy in the contract. Because of that, almost all government purchasing is done against existing contracts that narrow the pool of possible vendors for a given product or service.

As such, Tech Valley Talent is a recognized vendor for multiple state governments and agencies for IT products and services. Our approved status as a government vendor/partner allows us to provide our services to government agencies.

To put it simply: Contract Vehicles constitute a hand-in-hand partnership between government agencies and Tech Valley Talent that make it easier and faster to move tech personnel into position and doing their jobs. Contract Vehicles between an Agency and Government branch are hard-won and a mark of both acknowledgement and excellence. We are proud of this accomplishment.

The following Contract Vehicles are currently in place:

Active New York Hourly Based IT Services (HBITS)(#PH68629)

We are one of 30 companies awarded NYS Office of General Services (OGS) Hourly Based IT Services Contract for the 2019 through 2024 term. The contract is a statewide contract primarily for, but not limited to, New York State agencies and authorities, executive as well as non-executive. Services will also be utilized by political subdivisions, school districts and other users that are authorized.

New York Project Based IT Services (PBITS)(#PB046AA)

The Project-Based IT Services Centralized Contract (PBITS) is managed by NYS OGS to streamline the procurement of IT Consulting Services for IT project related needs that, in most cases, require a team of individuals with specific IT skills. Services required by an Authorized User can be obtained via an expedited competitive Mini-Bid process which details specific project deliverables and an associated fixed-price for each.

New York NYSERDA IT Staff Augmentation

We are a prime vendor providing professionals to work in and / or support technology efforts. Roles such as technical implementer, project manager, business analyst, technical writer, quality assurance analyst and technology trainer are the focus of this solicitation. Primary technologies in use include: Salesforce (, Microsoft technologies (Windows desktop and server, SQL Server, .NET, etc.), Office 365 including SharePoint Online, Tableau (for Business Intelligence), Atlassian products (Jira) for Service Desk and Oracle PeopleSoft Financials.

New York NYS Homes and Community Renewal IT Staffing Services

We are a prime vendor  for New York State Homes and Community Renewal (“HCR”). HCR consists of all the major housing and community renewal agencies of the State of New York (“State”) including the New York State Housing Finance Agency (“HFA”) and State of New York Mortgage Agency (“SONYMA”) The Agencies seek qualified information technology temporary staffing consultant to provide the IT staffing services.

Florida Staffing Statewide (80101507-21-STC-ITSA)

We are a prime vendor listed on Florida’s Statewide Information Technology (IT) Staff Augmentation Services Contract which is for use by state agencies. The Contract enables the agency to issue a Request for Quotes (RFQ) to Contractors for Information Technology (IT) staff that possess the technical skills that are required on an hourly assignment basis.

Florida IV&V Statewide (80101507-21-STC)

We are a prime vendor under Florida’s IV&V Statewide contract used by state agencies. State Agencies are required to employ Services for any IT project that meets the criteria identified in the Florida Administrative Code/Information Technology Project Management and Oversight Standards (FITPMO Standards).

Connecticut IV&V

We are a prime vendor for Connecticut’s Independent Verification and Validation (“IV&V”) Contract. The IV&V services are used for checking that a product, service or system meets requirements and specifications and that the intended purpose of the product, service or system is fulfilled.

California IT Master Service Agreement

We are a prime vendor listed on the IT MSA for the state of California. The purpose of the Contract is to provide Consulting Services to California State agencies and participating local agencies.

Ohio Deliverable Based IT Services (DBITS)

TVT is a prime vendor for the State of Ohio’s Department of Administrative Services statewide contract for SOW Solicitations for the technology categories of Technology Assessment, Planning and Solicitation Assistance Services (0A1309-1-68) and Independent Verification and Validation/Quality Assurance Services (0A1309-3-68).

Computer Aid, Inc (CAI)

TVT is a prime vendor under CAI’s Master Services Agreement (as the MSP) with the Commonwealth of Virginia, State of Indiana, and State of Georgia to provide staff augmentation and Statement of Work (SOW – project based) services.

Texas Contract for Products & Related Services (DIR-CPO-4485)

We offer Software Products and Services, Software as a Service (SaaS) and technical services for Privileged Access Management, Endpoint Security, Remote Secure access, Authentication, Mobile Device Management, Identity Management, Access Management, for Centrify and Idaptive (now CyberArk) software brands. We also offer technical services such as maintenance and support, installation, remote technical support, configuration, interface, migration, and annual operations health check services. Our contracts may be used by state and local governments, public education, other public entities in Texas, as well as public entities outside of the state.

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