Consulting Services

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Because consultation is so closely tied with implementation our consultants are domain experts in your area of need. It’s not just IT Consulting Services we offer. It’s informed, expert analysis along with cementing in the strategies that get your project rolling.

Project Support Services

TVT excels in managing projects as well as providing the right technologies and technologists to do the job. Our expertise is based on industry standard best practices and methodologies and involves Oversight, IV&V, Organizational Change Management (OCM) and technical Project Management. We are well versed in helping clients to develop, manage and implement PMOs. We are proud members of PMI and IEEE.

IV&V Services

The primary focus of the Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) Contractor is to work with the client to ensure that the products developed and processes employed by a Project meet specified requirements, employs best practices, adheres to industry and state standards, and is being managed and controlled according to the approved and baselined project plans.

In addition, IV&V will facilitate early detection and correction of errors, enhance management insight into risks, provide finding and recommendations and ensure compliance with project scope, schedule, and budget requirements.

Essentially the IV&V vendor provides a status on the health of the project on a periodic basis.

The success of IV&V engagements for a project is increased by the IV&V team’s ability to successfully manage the IV&V engagement. To that end, we incorporate into our own projects the same principles of project management that we expect to find on the projects for which we perform IV&V services. This includes, coordinating the work of a multi-disciplinary team, collaborating with the prime contractor, sub-contractors, functional or business clients and Information Technology Services.

We successfully provide IV&V services by leveraging best practices and our experience on projects which span multiple states, government entities, commercial clients, vendors and multi-million dollar projects from coast to coast. Our team member’s IV&V experience has been utilized on projects involving up to 30,000 end users, up to 50 vendors and multiple projects for large and complex state government entities.

Our IT Consulting Firm’s team consists of certified professionals that specialize in IV&V, and our services involve all types of technologies and COTS solutions. Our IV&V services differ from our traditional quality assurance services in that IV&V personnel operate independently of the project team. We provide IV&V services to public and private sectors, and Quality Management, Control, Risk Identification, and Risk Management are all part of this service offering.

Expertise and areas include:

  • Reviewing for all aspects of a project
  • IT Assessment
  • Due Diligence Reporting
  • IT Process and Procedures Audit
  • Project Management
  • Systems Analysis and Design

So why engage TVT as your IV&V vendor? We provide the objective viewpoint and expertise of an independent party – and that makes all the difference in ensuring a successful project outcome.

Digital Transformation

We provide systems implementation/application services where we either build custom applications or implement best of breed technologies. These tend to be large and complex projects involving multiple stakeholders, various technologies, large teams and are often modernization projects to include technology upgrade and migration.

Many of our transformation projects require our expertise in migrating data from your legacy systems to your newer technology platforms. As part of the process surrounding the migration, we may decommission the legacy system, modernize extant systems, and automate manual processes, employing a variety of technologies along the way.

TVT works with MS Azure, AWS, and Google for cloud-based solutions in addition to Atlassian, Salesforce, IBM, Oracle and providing custom-based solutions. Our comprehensive team of project managers, architects, developers, DEVOP specialists, analysts, testers, and trainers make for a complete team of IT experts to implement and successfully transition clients to these new technologies.

Data Management Services

Managing one’s data to make better business decisions is critical to any organization’s success in today’s world. As data grows and becomes less structured at the same time it’s becoming more critical for businesses to outperform competitors and drive higher profits, we have continued to grow our technical expertise and services around data management. We offer our clients technology agnostic assessments, architectural reviews, design services, implementation expertise, conversion work, integration and migration services, to name just a few. We work only with Best of Breed solution providers in this area including but not limited to: IBM, Tableau, Salesforce, Microsoft, SAS, and Oracle An example of the types of services and solutions we offer in this space are:

  • Data Migration Services
  • Data Governance Training, Policy Development and Implementation
  • Master Data Management
  • Data Warehousing and BI efforts that include tool selection, enhancements, re-design and reporting
  • Data Analytics and Data Visualization
  • Data Security Solution Implementations and Integrations
  • These services may be a combination of on-site personnel, software-based solutions, or cloud-based solutions

IT Security – Managing Risk in the Changing IT Environment

Our goal is to help you more cost-effectively meet the ever-changing demands of IT innovation without compromising security. We provide the expertise, the solution specialists, the time-tested methodologies, and the technologies that meet all your security needs. We assess and manage risk across each aspect of your business.

Risk and Security Assessment

Use our comprehensive assessments to track down your Security Vulnerabilities. Assessments include internal and external approaches and determine how secure your systems and information are, both to the public, and to your employees.

Data and Application Security Solutions

Implement our best-of-breed software and cloud-based tech solutions to secure your most valuable information assets. We will help you determine the right solution.

Remediation and Incident Management

Our highly certified and skilled IT Security professionals will help you fix any IT security issues you face and ensure a more secure IT environment. Response is immediate and effective.

Security Awareness Training

Your people are often your biggest security vulnerability. Our IT service consultants address work-place behaviors through Security Awareness Training, one of the most effective long-term strategies for securing your systems. Take advantage of our Boot Camps and On-site Training classes. HIPAA, PCI, FFIEC, NERC-CIP and many others require annual Awareness Training.

Identity and Access Management and Single Sign-On

Our best-of-breed software solutions ensure secure and effective single-point access to multiple and multi-vendor systems, making it easier for your people to conduct daily business. Our Security experts will help you identify and implement the best solutions, that best match your needs.

Penetration Testing

Regular Penetration Testing is intended to identify weaknesses in security measures, and is one component of a comprehensive security program. Our certified security professionals will simulate a real-world attack on your information systems, network, applications and/or facilities to determine security weaknesses so they may be remediated.

Work for Us

As a company, we believe in an open-door policy, and we welcome the opportunity to meet or speak with you at any time. We embrace you as a team member on an employee or sub-contractor basis; and offer full-time employment with benefits to employees. We follow you through the project or placement life cycle, and we will listen and mediate between you and the client. Our goal is to ensure the fit remains optimal.

TVT offers employees the following benefits:

Paid Time Off (PTO)


Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

401k Plan


Referral Program

Recognition Program

Paid vacation/personal, sick and holiday time

Health plans offer a variety of bronze, silver, gold, and platinum levels:

  • MVP/Cigna
  • CDPHP/Magna
  • Blue Shield/Highmark
  • Guardian
  • Delta
  • Aflac

Includes Employee Assistance, Development, Training, Coaching and Engagement Programs.

Participants may electively contribute to a variety of investment options.

Employees are our greatest asset, and we strive to help you to grow and advance your career.

Earn extra money for referrals that are placed.

This is a 3-Tier program where staff are recognized and can nominate other TVT staff.

In Addition, we offer the following information:

  • We excel at building custom teams and providing unique staffing solutions for our clients.
  • We seek and provide comparable technologists and value superior communication and people-based skills.
  • We offer a comprehensive and competitive benefit package that can be tailored to meet our staff’s needs.
  • We believe in empowering our staff by offering training, career advancement incentives and recognition programs.
  • TVT is a leading resource for delivering top IT talent for contract or direct hire positions, ensuring that our clients have access to IT professionals in key technology fields. Our expertise in filling a variety of technology positions at all levels of an organization includes:
    • Project Management, Business Analysis, Quality Assurance
    • Cloud and Network Administration
    • Database Administration, Architecture and Management
    • Programming Systems Analysis, Administration, Development and Architecture
    • Software Analysis, Administration, Development and Architecture
    • Security Analysis and Management
    • Help Desk and Technical Support