5 Ways IT Staff Augmentation Can Help Modernize Your Business

5 Ways IT Staff Augmentation Can Help Modernize Your Business

The past few years have seen rapid changes in many industries, but none more so than technology. As the Covid-19 pandemic took hold, many companies moved to remote work virtually overnight, necessitating digital transformation that continues today.  

Times are changing—and more modern ways of doing business are emerging.  

One way companies are adapting to today’s business landscape is by using IT staff augmentation to access the professionals they need when they need them. 


What is IT Staff Augmentation?

IT staff augmentation is an outsourcing model that supplements in-house talent resources, when advanced skills are identified to complete specific projects, or fills the skill gaps with IT professionals hired for a specific period. 


What are the Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation?

As the country faces a growing skills gap, IT staff augmentation allows employers to leverage IT staffing services to find qualified professionals to fill their roles—faster and more cost-effectively.  


Here are 5 reasons hiring temporary tech talent is beneficial for your business: 


#1 IT Staffing Services are Cost-Effective

IT staff augmentation allows you to access the technical skills you need without taking on the expense of a full-time employee. Contract workers (Consultants) are hired for a specific period, sparing you the expense of yearly salaries. Since talent is hired on a contract basis, your company is not responsible for covering payroll expenses, workers’ comp, or benefits, either. In some cases, you might not be able to afford the highly specialized skills you need full-time. However, augmenting your staff with seasoned professionals for the duration of a critical project is a more manageable expense to absorb. 

Consultants are recruited by a staffing firm, so you’ll also save money on recruiting expenses, such as job ads or hiring events. Talent will be screened, verified, and interviewed before being presented to you, further saving time and resources. Finally, when you partner with an experienced IT staffing service, your recruiter will be familiar with their consultant’s strengths and technical skill sets, enabling them to deliver experienced professionals who will do a superior job for your company.  


#2 Access Top Tech Talent with Staff Augmentation

Today’s tech talent is not confined to local opportunities. With the widespread availability of remote positions, IT professionals can work nationally—giving you access to a much broader talent pool. The ability to recruit from multiple geographies enables you to find professionals with the exact skills needed for your project.  

As tech professionals broaden the geographic scope of their work, they gain experience, making them even more valuable to your organization. These IT professionals are exposed to new technologies, processes, and trends and often bring dynamic new ideas to your internal team.  


#3 IT Staffing Services Help Develop a Flexible Workforce

In times of uncertainty, flexibility is key. IT staff augmentation allows you to hire professionals during busy times—and release them when their contract ends or extend them for a longer period of time. Growing and shrinking your staff in response to business demand can save your company valuable resources. You’ll be able to balance workload and payroll, creating more revenue for your business. 

Staff augmentation is also used for project-based hiring, allowing you to select professionals with the skills needed to complete each job. As you take on new and challenging projects, you can bring highly productive talent on board with the exact skills required for success. 


#4 Maintain Control and Visibility Over Projects

Although IT staff augmentation is an outsourcing model, it allows you to maintain control over the skills and work of the consultant. Since you aren’t sending the work out to be completed by an independent organization, you can easily monitor what’s happening within a project and ensure that quality and confidentiality are maintained. 

Managers that worry about lack of control or visibility with IT staff augmentation can consider adopting processes such as: 

  • Key performance indicators 
  • Timesheets 
  • Protected portals 
  • Task systems 
  • Automated documentation 

These processes can help managers keep track of progress and hold consultants accountable for reaching goals. Staff augmentation allows you to remain in control of projects while leveraging the talent of highly skilled technical professionals. 


#5 Improve Project Performance

If a project stalls, sometimes all it takes to get things moving is the right person. Augmenting your staff with qualified IT professionals can improve project performance in several key ways: 

  • New ideas. Bringing in new talent can have advantages for the whole team. Accessing a vast pool of temporary talent will bring new ideas into your organization, driving innovation and creativity. 
  • Increased focus. Consultants are less likely to get mired down in workplace politics or the history of what happened while working on other projects. They are there to concentrate on one job—and their tight focus might have the added benefit of inspiring everyone on the team to buckle down, too. 
  • Out-of-the-box approach. Your full-time employees have developed successful ways to approach their work. Bringing in new talent to augment your staff can provide new perspectives that may result in even better ways to solve problems and develop ideas. 
  • Less stress. Optimal staffing can ease the stress on your core team, ensuring everyone remains healthy and productive. 


Modernize Your Business with TVT’s IT Staff Augmentation Services

Since IT staff augmentation offers flexibility and cost savings, it is becoming an increasingly popular recruitment model in the modern work world. Companies that identify skill gaps in their workforce and use consultants to gain a competitive advantage will become more profitable and productive, continuing to evolve in the industry. 

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